Electric Vehicle - Coulomb Technologies introduces ChargePoint Android app for EV owners

Driving an electric vehicle and driving around to find that charging location you needed is in use for a few more hours? Coulomb stationscan be tracked and monitored from now on, so no more needless driving around or waiting for an undetermined time to get a charge.


Seems like the way to go for other manufacturers as well, but what more should the App tell you? Suggestions are welcome.


Coulomb Technologies introduces ChargePoint Android app for EV owners; 20K-plus charging sessions/month on ChargePoint Network

We are seeing more than 20 thousand vehicle charging sessions a month on the ChargePoint Network and, on average, drivers remain plugged in for an average of eight hours a session. The ChargePoint app provides essential information and control for EV drivers needing to charge. Since EV charging stations are typically busy for hours, EV drivers need an app that tells them which stations are currently available to them. I have driven EVs for more than a decade and know firsthand what it means to arrive at stations that are already use or broken. That doesn’t happen on ChargePoint.

—Richard Lowenthal, founder and CTO at Coulomb

(via Instapaper)

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