Electric Vehicle - Buses that Charge at Each Stop

When an electric vehicle stops, it has a nice opportunity to charge the battery. Buses make frequent stops and with that have a lot of potential charging moments. There are many technologies to recharge buses at each stop, for example using induction (Conductix Wampfler), or overhead charging (Opbrid) like Proterra in the article below.


Besides the advantages of not having to run out of power to complete the trip, the other big advantage is thar the bus can do with a smaller battery. This leads to a lower cost for the vehicle and a lower vehicle weight. Soon on more buses in our streets?




Electric Buses that Charge at Each Stop

Proterra is capitalizing on the fact that the lithium titanate batteries powering their buses can be charged in 10 minutes, and therefore can be charged at each bus stop that has a charger setup. The distance between bus stops is normally short, making it possible to use very short range batteries which enable them to travel 30-40 miles per charge and keep recharging them frequently.

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