Electric Vehicle - Automated Highway Driving

While this technology is not limited to an electric vehicle, there are some added benefits if it would be applied on EVs. ( detailed here )


Some nice progress from BMW as well in this area, where in highway conditions the autonomous car can overtake slower vehicles and give way to vehicles looking to merge in on the highway. A nice road ahead with developments still, keep an eye out for these guys.




BMW: Automated Highway Driving

“This is an entirely new situation and experience for the driver – it is a strange feeling handing over complete control of the car to an autonomous system. But after a few minutes of experiencing the smooth, sovereign and safe driving style, drivers and passengers begin to relax somewhat and  trust the independent system,” says Nico Kämpchen, Project Manager for Highly Automated Driving at BMW Group Research and Technology.“ Nevertheless, the driver is still responsible for the situation at all times and must constantly keep an eye on traffic and the surroundings.”

(via Instapaper)

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