Electric Vehicle - Audi Introduce Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging @ Frankfurt

Another brand is exploring wireless power transfer to charge up their electric vehicle. After Rolls Royce's partnering with Halo IPT, also Audi understands the potential of this technology.


With special races being organized (by for example Hotroad ) and also taxi and bus applications being promoted by numerous parties, we might have our future highways a lot sooner than many dare dream.




Audi Introduce Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging @ Frankfurt

The charging process begins automatically when the EV drives onto the plate. The alternating magnetic field of the infrastructure side induces an alternating current across the air gap in the secondary coil, which is integrated into the vehicle. This current is rectified and fed into the vehicle’s electrical system, where it charges the battery or powers consumers such as the heater. The alternating field is only generated if the vehicle is standing over the plate and thus poses no danger to people or animals.

(via Instapaper)

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