Electric Vehicle - All-electric garbage trucks to sweep French streets

Cleaning up just got cleaner: an electric vehicle that hauls garbage will be introduced in France. A lot of effort is spend on the engineering of the truck to make it truly the clean vehicle that it promotes on the flanks.




All-electric garbage trucks to sweep French streets

The lumbering, polluting trucks that have collected garbage from French streets for years will soon become a noisy memory once a new generation of super quiet, all-electric vehicles starts making the rounds next week. The zero-emission, made-in France trucks are still large and bulky, but they promise to pack as much punch as their cousins with a vastly reduced impact on the environment and a relatively inoffensive, low humming engine sound. The Paris suburb of Courbevoie, with over 70,000 residents, will receive the first all-electric trucks on May 12.

(via Instapaper)

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