Electric Vehicle - 32.1 million electrified vehicles in 2025

The numbers of the electric vehicle on the roads are slowly increasing. Currently there are about 1600+ Tesla Roadsters on the roads, globally. In the Netherlands there are 109 Nissan Leafs driving around. Today I came across this report predicting 32 million electrified vehicles, global. That includes hybrids as well. 


Obviously such numbers are not the goal in itself, but do provide insight in how positive the providers of these predictions are of EV (and hybrid) success.




Worldwide sales of electrified vehicles to hit 32.1 million in 2025

Fuji Keizai breaks down its 32.1-million unit figure like this:
- Standard hybrid vehicles: 13.86 million
- Plug-in hybrids: 11.48 million
- Pure electric vehicles: 5.75 million
- Fuel cell vehicles: 1 million

(via Instapaper)

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