Electric Vehicle - 2012 Nissan Leaf upgraded for America

An update from one of the most well known electric vehicles in the world; the Nissan Leaf. Due to popular demand they will make the quick charge and winterisation options a standard in the 2012 model.


Also some nice statistics already from the current US users of the Leaf; a lot of them are using it as their primary car and driving a lot more than initially anticipated. Once you are hooked to electric driving, you are really hooked ;-)




2012 Nissan Leaf upgraded for America

More than 4,000 Nissan LEAFs have been delivered to U.S. customers, and Nissan, as it begins the next phase of the launch, continues to learn from them. While 82 percent have never previously owned a Nissan, a full 75 percent considered no other vehicle than the Nissan LEAF in their purchase decision. On a whole, these early adopters report that they are using the Nissan LEAF as their primary car, and driving it far more than was originally anticipated. These consumers, most of whom are highly educated and have high income levels, are technologically savvy, environmentally conscious, and consider themselves advocates for electric-car technology.

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