Driving an Electric Vehicle: A Time Saver

Actual data to back things up; in gas vs electric another (for some unexpected) win for EVs. The time spend to fill/charge your car is significantly less than the time spend with an Electric Vehicle than the refueling at the gasstation. At 5 seconds for plugging in and 420 charges a month, there's almost 6,5 hours gained per month!



Part 3: Living with BMW ActiveE – Plugging In


A quick look at my charts show that I’ve plugged in 420 times so far which means I average about 47 miles between recharges. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? We’ll, it really isn’t. It only takes about 5 seconds to plug the car in. If I were driving a gas car I would have had to fill up about 65 times over the same period. That means driving to a gas station, taking 5 -10 minutes to fill up, pay and then get back to my previous driving route. So I would have wasted over 7 hours of my life sitting in a gas in just six months – I think I’ll pass. When I plug in, I’m already at where I was going to go anyway, like my garage or workplace. I don’t drive somewhere to refuel, I refuel while I’m doing what I always do, like work or sleep.

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