Article: Video: Audi’s Electrifying R8 e-Tron | Autopia |

Some nice coverage by Wired on the new Audi E-Tron, the electric vehicle they are planning to launch in 2012. Some nice specs, a nice coat and a powerfull electric motor at each wheel will make a nice toy to drive around in. If only they'd decide on the sound they want to add for safety, though I also like the suggestion of looping Rammstein.



Check out the video from Wired on YouTube:




Video: Audi’s Electrifying R8 e-Tron | Autopia |

But the car is pretty much finalized except for one detail: Like all electrics, it’s practically silent, and the engineers have yet to decide on an “appropriate noise profile.” We recommended installing some speakers behind the wheels and blasting Rammstein on a loop.

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