Electric Vehicle - Tesla's bumpy road to the EV market

A nice analysis by CNN on electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. They have come a long way and can do really great things in the (near) future, but it will not exactly be a 'walk in the park'.

For example, their competition has a much larger financial buffer and also produces at higher volumes (reducing costs), leaving Tesla with a potentially more expensive vehicle. It can work of course, but their vehicles have to be spot on perfect in order to do so. Also their dealings with Toyota and Daimler will need to be utilised in the right way to ensure Tesla to stay at the top. Time will tell, but I'd love to see them stay in this game.





Tesla's bumpy road to the EV market

“They need to execute on this model perfectly to get Tesla on the radar screen,” says Driscoll. “It’s just so much harder than people recognize,” for several reasons, one of which is that Tesla won’t get volume purchasing discounts for the parts it doesn’t manufacture.

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