Article: Rolls-Royce President Talks Electrics, High-Tech

Some nice insight into the electric vehicle plans of Rolls Royce. Owners of Rolls Royce vehicles are not so much interested in new electronics every 2 year and this recent interest in fuel economy or electric vehicles that the rest of the world is keen on has not landed yet.

Rolls Royce is currently not sure if hybrids ir electric vehicles are the way to go and is having lots of discussions with current owners. It is a good thing that BMW is also quite active in the hybrid and electric vehicle arena, so when the decision has been made at Rolls they can adopt from BMW technology.




Rolls-Royce President Talks Electrics, High-Tech

Then again, with 11 bull hides and 10 square meters of wood inside a Phantom’s cabin, it’s a long shot whether any Rolls-Royce customer gives a whit about outdated electronics. After all, most Patek Philippe timepieces don’t include a stopwatch.

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