Electric Vehicle - Google First to Install Wireless EV Chargers


It should be no big surprise that Google is having an experimental go at the electric vehicle at their campus they have a number of them riding around, both for practical reasons, but also to study (and perhaps improve) them. This falls in line with their projects at RechargeIT (under Google.org) and their other sustainable efforts.


The news today is that Google has installed a couple of inductive chargers   at their campus, which allows them to test this technology as well. Currently the technology is suitable for parked cars, with a loss under 10% it seems a matter of convenience mostly. Other plans for the future of this technology include lanes of inductive chargers in thrme roads, so you charge while you drive. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me for more information on this.





Google First to Install Wireless EV Chargers

Like smartphones, inductive charging is coming to the nascent electric car market and Google is on the forefront of using the technology. The company announced it is the first to use a new type of wireless charging, which will be installed at the internet company’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

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