Show and BUIDL

When I started out exploring Blockchain within the energy industry, it was hard finding people who would grasp the concept. Describing a Peer-2-Peer energy system was still alien in 2015. Besides, this blockchain technology, which was related to Bitcoin, that was a ‘finance-thing’, right?

Trying to explain Crypto over Coffee rarely works. So after I had found a few like-minded spirits within Eneco in 2015, we agreed to build a demo. With a demo we could show what could be done and what this technology enabled.

“This is what it does. Oh, by the way, it is powered by blockchain.”

A more powerful narrative than trying to explain abstract concepts such as hashes, cryptography and trusting code. My advice in general to other potential builders and startups:

  • Show the added value, preferably with a decent business case.
  • Show the thing you created.

Both are a lot more convincing to the world than theoretical thought experiments or white papers ever will be.