How Pirates become the Navy: Fond memories

A recent Masters of Scale podcast by Reid Hoffman had a nice metaphor: For a startup to successfully start, it has to start out as a Pirate. For a startup to successfully scale, at some point it has to become the Navy and let go of the Pirate habits.

I remember fondly starting a Blockchain Lab in uncharted territory. This was nobody’s domain still, no experts were around. We started, launched, got everybody’s attention and launched! One for all, and all for one!

For the next stage, we had to become the Navy. Pitching to the various managements, the Pirate charm got us in, but playing by the Navy rules would land us the projects.

Curious for more, I recommend checking out the episode of Masters of Scale. Excited to explore some uncharted territory together with a band of Pirates? Let me know which port to pick you up!