Waiting sucks. People waiting for the next big tech gadget hate the wait. People waiting for blockchain to reach mass adoption hait the wait. In a world with so much hype and so much instant gratification, we often forget that having patience, waiting and watching things grow and mature is all part of the game.

To some this is like watching paint dry before blockchain reaches the masses.

"Certainly, more user-friendly experiences via compelling User Interfaces are a necessary, but not sufficient condition. From an “incentive to move” point of view, here are 5 primary (strategic) factors that are in play:

  1. The benefits of owning one’s data
  2. Being rewarded for time/value provided online
  3. The promise of better governance
  4. Something totally new we couldn’t do before
  5. Being forced to use crypto

" - What will move the blockchain to the masses? A trillion dollar question

What I miss is that when these factors are being handled by the market and the brightest minds in the industry, the rest of us will need to have patience while the puzzle is being cracked. In order for grass to grow quicker, you don't pull it from the ground, you water and nourish it sufficiently. And you wait for it to grow.