On Choosing a CRM for my Business

For the past few weeks I have been exploring, testing and deleting CRM systems. I wanted a convenient way to track who I had been in contact with, who to reach out again to, etc. A CRM seemed rather straightforward, though perhaps a bit overkill.

What I explored was:

  • Outlook Customer Manager
  • Linked In Sales Navigator
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Hubspot

Outlook Customer Manager

Simple and elegant, it integrates into outlook, shows you contacts, companies and even allows you to list deals under construction. Right within Outlook. Except on my Mac. I got word that an update is on the way, for now I have put this aside. For more data, check here.

Linked In Sales Navigator

On top of the basic functions that Outlook Customer Manager features, this also leverages the power of all the Linked In profiles and data to find the right people. Could be interesting, but at a price level that makes it feel a little overpowered for my use. From what I have seen this is something to keep on my list and look at again in the future. For more information, check out this page.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

I was attracted to the full integration in the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, but quickly found that this app is for the serious power users, large teams at large corporations. Not my one-man-show. Who knows how quickly I grow... Not for now though. For more details, check out the site.

Hubspot CRM

The free tier offered me everything I was looking for and a bit more. It even features a ton of training material which I soaked up. I've grown to like this, and think it is perfect to at least have my first steps in. I have not decided if and when I will upgrade here, or one of the alternatives. To learn more, check out their page.

I have also briefly looked at SalesForce, but initially decided I liked the integration with Office365 better. Before settling on Hubspot in the end.