Less Innovation in Europe?

When I talk to companies here in The Netherlands on innovation, I am surprised how often a statement along the lines of ‘For true innovation, you have to look outside of The Netherlands, or even outside of Europe’. The suggestion is that the truly exciting things happen in the US or China. “If you want to do truly innovative work, go global!”

I beg to differ, as there are a lot of exciting things also happening here in Europe. Perhaps they are less news worthy, less controversial or with so many governments within Europe, develop at a lower pace.

"if you want to go fast (and break things?), go alone"

Is Europe too modest? Is it not that if you want to go fast (and break things?), you go alone, but if you want to go far, you go together? Are the innovation sand boxes that are present in Europe on various domains holding back the real ground breaking things?

I would love to talk to more people on this specific topic to hear more feedback, from any side please! Let me know if you are up for a chat by using the contact form, or drop me a message on Linked In / Twitter.