End Game: The Blinding, or Guiding Light?

It is good to have a goal, a direction to work towards. It can guide your efforts, unifying them to reach something much bigger. It can also blind you from other opportunities. In the online games I have played, years ago, we used the term ‘End Game’ as the stage of the game where you would be at max level. You would have maxed out your abilities and you would finally get to the über cool pieces of armour and weapons you had been dreaming of so long ago.

End game became the goal, that big juicy setup for your character and getting through the grind as fast as possible was what mattered. But not for everyone, luckily. You could easily be ‘side-tracked’ by helping others, doing quests just for fun or simply exploring the scenery. Slowly progressing towards your end game state sometimes made you change your plans for your end game as well. Plans evolve. So did the concept of 'end game'.

When you envision the end game for your company or when you want to apply an innovative technology like blockchain, use it to focus, but not be blinded. Rome was not built in a single day, that also evolved. Discussing 'end game' as a means to an end could just end your means.