The Rise of the EREV

Regular readers have seen my posts with the data from Agentschap NL on the electric vehicle statistics for the Netherlands. I've recently toyed with a new App by the name of Perspective on the iPad with that data and crafted a little animation from that very same data. This short video clearly shows how quickly the EREVs have taken over the electric vehicle market here in the Netherlands. The initial 1000 pure EVs that were present in the Netherlands took well over a year, maybe two to achieve. The EREV and mainly the Opel Ampera has overtaken the number of EVs in less than a year already.  


For this post I used the Perspective App from Plixxa - a new tool on my iPad.

The Opel Ampera gets the same tax benefits as the other electric vehicles (0% tax and some other great benefits for companies and entrepreneurs). This also shows the huge impact of such measures on the adoption of a new technology and the role of an EREV as a bridge between the current ICE technology and the EVs. Change is ok, but preferably not too big steps at a time?

What are your thoughts on this? Is anybody else familiar with the Perspective App already? Would love to share tips on that as well.