Tesla Gets a Confidence Boost


Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla got a nice boost of confidence from various investment analysts after publishing their numbers. Quite unique, as Mercery News also points out, launching a new car business is no simple task:


DeLorean Motor never had a future to get back to. Tucker got torpedoed. Fisker Automotive doesn’t seem to have good karma.

Launching a new auto business and building a brand in the United States is no simple task.




So far Tesla is good at managing expectations, delivering what it promises and continues to build momentum for its Model S launch. Also bringing the first deliveries of the Model S forward from July to June helps. The global trend with competitors is to postpone the launches of their new electric vehicles. Early on, there have been 6.000 reservations for a Model S already, that number has steadily climbed to 10.000 now.


The future looks bright for Tesla and personally I am looking forward to the first Tesla Model S to hit the road. I believe that like their Roadster it will bring a lot of change in the way other car makers will do their business.