Slow Electric Vehicles?


Electric Vehicles are not slow as the regular reader knows. The earlier featured Rimac coverted BMW has set a speed record with a FIA approval: 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds! This is achieved using a 441 kW motor and a 24 kWh battery, resulting in 600 horsepower.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for their Concept One which has even greater potential, packing 4 motors, one for each wheel at 250 kW each. Total is 1088 horsepower with a 91 kWh battery pack. Expected 0-100 km/h: 2.8 seconds!

Croatia Breaks EV Speed Records With 1984 BMW

Every descriptor for this car should translate to “slow”: Croation, electric, with a body that’s 28 years old. But no. This clapped-out Bimmer has broken a string of FIA-sanctioned acceleration records.

(via Instapaper)

So once again: No, EVs are not slowpokes.