Robot Soccer?


What do soccer-playing robots and our future mobility have in common? When you watch the robots from TU Eindhoven play, you see coordination among the robots who play this match autonomously. There is no human interaction during the match, which causes some of the engineers involved to have nervous breaksdowns while their bots fight it out on the field.


When talking about autonomous vehicles, everybody always refers to the Google car, but this fleet of soccer players can do stuff the Google car is not (yet) capable of; coordination with the other participants on the road. The soccer robots team up together, orchestrating passes and setting up attacks, it is great fun to watch. Last year the team of TU Eindhoven won the world series and this year the World Championship will be held in Eindhoven from 26-30 June! If you are around and like the video below, be sure to attend.

New comer will be! VW Lupo EL from Eindhoven University.jpg
New comer will be! VW Lupo EL from Eindhoven University.jpg

Some of the other things I saw and learned during my last visit to the TU Eindhoven for an event for Kivi Niria which I helped organise; the TU Eindhoven converted LUPO, the various student racing teams and multiple studies around automotive. Great fun to see this kind of research happening and have an opportunity to talk with the people actually working on these topics. The Kivi event I organized is aimed at fellow engineers and it really shows in their questions; my fellow enthusiast engineers kept digging for more information on the various topics.