Hybrid Vehicle - Le Mans getting more Sustainable every year

The big FIA organized endurance race of Le Mans (24 hours of racing) is getting more sustainable every edition. Paired with the outspoken ambition of the FIA to be a catalyst in automotive innovation, earlier edition of the Le Mans saw Drayson race on bio fuels. This year will feature a sporty hybrid from Toyota in the field.


It is just a matter of time till the first full electric car will also participate in the field and not jut for a few laps. There are rumours of a hydrogen racer for Le Mans as well, so we might be in for another treat this year.


With these examples, the changes to Formula 1 and the upcoming Formula E championship, the FIA has set out their vision of where the automotive should go. The racing industry can become like the space program, which has also helped science and innovation. Great to see that something that is fun to watch, is also becoming something that is helping us achieve a more sustainable world, who would have thought that a few years ago?






Toyota’s Headed to Le Mans — With Hybrids http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/01/toyota-ts030-hybrid-racers/

“Of course we would love to win Le Mans; that is the dream for all competitors in this race,” team president Yoshiaki Kinoshita said in a statement. “But we are realistic and we know we need to develop and to learn in order to compete with some very strong competition. Our target this year is to show the performance level of our car and particularly the THS-R powertrain.”

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