Geared towards electric, not fuel


With the arrival of BMW's first electric vehicle that was designed from the ground up approaching, there is a lot of discussion on the range extender that will be implemented in the BMW i3. The range extender will be a small fuel powered engine, but the aim is not to provide an 'unlimited range' like with the Checy Volt, but it is aimed more at emergency situations to get to a next charging station instead. Love it, or hate it, I think it is rather brilliant that by design the i3 will emphasize electric driving over driving on the internal combustion engine. The interesting big will be the amount of power that can come from the range extender, compared to the power of the electric motor; will it be like a new 'turtle mode' when the range extender is on, making its way slowly to the next plug? That will make drivers more likely to prefer driving on battery power and avoid using fuel as much as possible. Brilliant!

The range extender is not intended for daily use. It’s for situations when the driver needs to extend the range of the vehicle to reach the next charging station. Therefore, the i3 probably won’t be the choice for customers with a need for an extended range.