Electrric Vehicle - More Carbon Fiber on the Roads


With many manufacturers taking stakes in carbon fiber production with the main aim to reduce the weight of their electric vehicle range, GM could not be left behind. A partnership with Teijin will make sure the cars of GM will shed more weight in the future, get a better fuel economy and increased EV range. Will GM make fully carbon fiber cars? - Link

It remains to be seen how quickly this becomes visible on the GM products. At BMW for example the first carbon fiber BMW (the i3) will roll out in 2013. I'm guessing the GM deal will also apply for Opel, looking at the GM Volt and the Opel Ampera it seems a likely move to also share carbon fiber across the brands.

According to Wired the insurance premium for a carbon fiber car can be higher than the premium for a normal steel car. Reasoning is that carbon fiber is more likely to shatter during a car crash, but that reminds me of the news of last week where some people (supposedly former Aptera employees, though that is under discussion at the moment) were trying to break the carbon fiber body of the Aptera. They had a hard time breaking it, they even needed a forklift to do the job. That carbon fiber is amazingly strong! Not surprisingly that it is used in the Formula 1 to ensure the drivers safety at top speeds during a frontal impact.