Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands: Closing in on 7000 now

The recent data from Agentschap NL got in, showing again a strong increase in the EREV category; the Opel Ampera is still going very strong. Sales of the Opel Ampera are pushed heavily by the tax breaks, in a time where overall car sales have gone down by 25-30% even! Even though in absolute numbers the Opel Ampera is not making up for the reduced sales yet, it is interesting to see it beating the trend. Fully electric vehcicles have also shown an increase, though the relative increase is getting smaller. On the total EVs the decrease that is witnessed at the year's end is also seen. Over the past few months registrations have been over 10% up each month, but it seems to creep to 10% and might just dip below for december. My educated guess is that for this year's end we will just hit the 7500 EV mark in the Netherlands.


The monthly figures are shown in this table:


One mor month to go and see what the total numbers of EVs will get over this year. Truly a lot has happened here! - Click the table to enlarge.


If you look at the growth percentages month over month you'll see that the growth seems to slow down a bit towards the end of the year. Could be natural, could mean the forces that act on the conventional car market are starting to affect electric vehicles as well now.