Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands: 7410 EVs in 2012


The data for the electric vehicles in the Netherlands for december 2012 is in! There is still a strong pace in the field for the Opel Ampera's and the Prius Plug-Ins, while the rate of new EVs has dropped a tad more: 20 new EVs in december 2012.

The goal of achieving 15.000-20.000 EVs in the Netherlands by 2015 seems to be within reach if this pace keeps up like this. It is clear that the PHEV currently is the most favourable option, being just a bit different from a conventional car. It will be the car that people need to get more accustomed to the full EV, but once people are more used to their electric driving range and prices would come down, I'm sure the EV numbers will pick up pace again as well.

Monthly Figures:

2012 EV NL Numbers

Growth month over month:

2012 EV NL Perc

I'm looking forward to more EV news in 2013 that will surely rake up more EV sales, as they are here to stay!

Source: AgentschapNL