Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands: 5000 and counting


The electric vehicle is getting pretty popular here in the Netherlands. Looking at the report of for example ECN, our small little country is ranking in the top globally with respect to the amount of electric vehicles on the road and installed charging stations in public spaces. The number of EVs is based on original data from our national registration office, the RDW, so it only contains officially (street legal) EVs here. The data is collected by Agentschap NL, who publish it every month. I've tried to recollect their data and still need to retrace one datapoint here, but wanted to share with you the results I collected so far.

The categories used are:

  • FEV: Passenger Car, Full Electric Vehicle (Nissan Leafs, Tesla Roadsters, etc.)
  • EREV/PHEV: Passenger Car, Extanded Range Electric Vehicle / Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (Opel Ampera/Chevy Volt, Plug-in Prius, etc.)
  • Truck <3500kg: Commercial electric vehicles weighing less than 3500 kg (Kangoo EV, Vito E-Cell)
  • Truck >3500kg: Large trucks
  • Bus: Buses
  • 3 Wheels: Anything electric with three wheels, not being a passenger car or a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle: The two-wheeled EVs from Vectrix, Brammo, Zero, etc.

What is interesting to see is that the relatively new category of the EREV/PHEV sort of exploded here in the Netherlands at the start of this year and has surpassed the FEV category. Main reason for this being the success of the Opel Ampera, which makes for an attractive lease here with all the tax breaks in place currently.


The dataset used; in red the datapoint I could not retrace and used an educated guess for now.

I'm working on another method to present this data in a more elegant format, though that App is awaiting an update to go live first. As soon as that App gets updated and goes live, I'll share this on that format as well. Together with almost 4000 (semi)-public charging points, a lot is happening here in EV land, but more on that later.