Electric Vehicle - Visit to The Good Car Company

Recently I had the chance to visit an online friend of mine in the Dutch city of Zevenaar. His name is Pieter Geluk and he is the owner of The Good Car Company, as you might have guessed, he deals in electric vehicles; from scooters to cars. After having had a nice bit of discussion on the various aspects involved with driving electric, the market and the future, we went out for a little tour of Zevenaar in two of the electric vehicles he had available that day; the Tazzari Zero and a Mega truck.

The interior of the shop of The Good Car Company, a large selection of electric scooters is on display here.

The Tazzari Zero is a small city car, ideal for parking in urban areas and the quick drives from one place in a city to another. Unfortunately, it was a rather noisy car to drive, when driving around 40-50 km/h it became a lot harder to make conversation with the person next to you; not ideal and that really needs some attention. 

The Tazzari Zero, it looks ok, but it is a bit too noisy for my taste.

The other vechicle that I got to drive was a small truck from the brand 'Mega', it is best suited for city utilities, the speed is limited to 45 km/h and it has some cargo capacity. Contrary to the Tazzari, this vehicle was a lot better isolated sound wise, even at around the same speed, it was not noisy inside. 

The Mega truck, small, compact, but well constructed and a pleasure to drive.

All in all it was a nice visit and I'm sure we'll hear much more from this Good Car Company from Zevenaar. They also have a shop in Amsterdam, be sure to check them out if you are looking for an electric vehicle or just some common sense advice on the matter.