Electric Vehicle - There’s an App for that!

For your phone there are all these smart little programs to help you achieve all kinds of special tasks. Is there any of that ingenuity surfacing in our electric vehicles? What are the latest Apps that work well with your vehicle and improve performance or driving pleasure? The Apps on discussion here today are the Apps that show you where you can charge your electric vehicle, check the condition of your EV and the more general Apps to check for traffic, the weather and assist you with planning the route.

Charging point Apps

For electric vehicles, the most dominating Apps around show the users to the charging stations, there are truly too many of them. They all boast to have the full list of available chargers out there, while mostly they only feature the stations from one company or a few, mostly only in one area or country, but never this full picture they promise where you could go around the world driving electric using that App.


Don't know where to find these? Get one of the Apps for that.

Monitor your EV Apps

Another popular type of App is a little monitor for your EV, it can often tell you remotely how full your battery is charged. This is a really nice feature, as it allows you to remotely monitor the charging process. These often branded Apps sometimes allow basic control over your vehicle as well, lock and unlock, but hands down the best I've seen so far is pre-heating the cabin in winter. This feature allows you to pre-heat the car while it is still connected to the grid and in doing so, saves you battery life and not eating up precious range.


Is your battery charged, or can you get another coffee?

Traffic and Weather data Apps

In a more general category are the Apps that inform you of traffic jams and the weather on the road ahead. While these Apps are not strictly limited to electric vehicles, it can sure boost your driving pleasure knowing the road ahead is clear of any jams. Also the weather App is convenient in knowing upfront if you need to pre-heat your car, or need to take extra power into account for the air conditioning, thereby impacting your range.


Will you need airco during the trip? Probably not looking at this screen.



Route direction Apps

These Apps are also not limited to just electric vehicles, they tell you how you get to where you want to go. While such systems are also available in consoles and often build into some cars, they show up more and more on smartphones and can be used while driving. The benefit of having this system on your smartphone can be to avoid having to purchase a console, as most people have a phone and the smartphone is getting more and more popular for things like this. Also, the smartphone can be used to direct you even when you are not in your car, but when walking to a specific address in for example a pedestrian area where you can’t get to with your car.

All in all there is a lot available on the market and a lot is helping us to get more out of the driving experience, or take away some of the burdens. If you know of more Apps, feel free to share them. If this gets popular enough there will be individual updates on specific Apps.