Electric Vehicle - The TTXGP Changing Motorsports

Since 2009 the TTXGP motorsport has been putting its mark on the future of racing; with electric vehicles. Their first race during the Isle of Man TT was a big eyecatcher and they are still succesfully going strong. With nice ambitions for this year and 2013 already, this is where electric vehicles are also getting a lot of momentum and get noticed by the public.

With ever improving battery and motor technology this championship becomes better and better. It is expected that soon it will be competitive to rqce against the conventional fuel burning motorcycles, at which point many teams will wonder why they would still favour to use their current bikes.






TTXGP checks in on day 1000 of their impossible mission to change motorsport s http://www.torquenews.com/1075/ttxgp-checks-day-1000-their-impossible-mission-change-motorsports

In the coming years higher energy density batteries are sure to be developed that could enable building an electric race bike fast enough and with a long-enough range to be competitive in a gas bike race on equal terms with the gas bikes. When that happens the racing world could ask themselves why do they need to continue burning gasoline to race.