Electric Vehicle - The Professional Passionates Electric Rally World Record

Last friday was the Professional Passionates Electric Rally here in the Netherlands, a rally consisting of only electric vehicles and it has been the largest in the world. There have been 255 electric cars who participated, leading to a the Guiness World Record.  

The original record from the US and featured 218 EVs. As electric vehicles will get more common, the organization hopes their record will be broken by another city, indicating another succes for EV adoption globally. If the record is broken, they are keen to reclaim their record next year, as electric vehicles are also growing in larger numbers here each month. Currently there are just over 5000 of them on our roads!



An overview of the Olympic stadium with all 255 cars inside, just before setting off for their World Record trip

The event this friday started in from the old Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam where all the EVs were gathered. From there the fleet went to Zaanse Schans and had to drive 3.2 km (2 miles) in line to achieve the World Record.