Electric Vehicle - Tesla update


Tesla. They make a great electric vehicle, have another one up next year and have their technology invading other manufacturers cars as well. So how are they doing? Between finishing their Roadster production, focus on the Model S and having sold the entire 2012 production already, they are more and more becoming major player and lead by example. Though referencing to a unicorn while talking about the Model S and a financial loss still, how are they still a success story, or are they simply losing it? Stopping the Roadster

The carbon fiber body for the Tesla Roadster comes from Lotus and due to Lotus retooling their assembly line, they will stop the production of the Elise, hence making it impossible for Tesla to keep making their Roadsters.

The Roadster as we know it, from 0-100km/hr in 3.7 secs, production from active to stop soon?

For Tesla this can still be a good thing, as they can now allocate all their resources to producing the Model S and ensuring their next success. There is already word out that the Roadster is not over yet; in 2014 there might be an updated version of the Roadster as we know it, so for those of you who still wanted to get a Roadster but could not get their hands on one, there might be an option later on.

Waiting for the Roadster 3.0?

Model S and the unicorn

Recently Elon Musk revealed the Model S to a selected audience; the people who put down the down payment earlier on to order their Model S. The most striking of this presentation was not so much all the great technical details shown off on stage, or seeing Elon be so energetic talking about which he is so passionate. The little story that popped in about the unicorn is.

Link to Vimeo on Presentation, see 3m50s

Apparently a man who was not so convinced about the electric vehicle told Elon that a good, practical electric car is like a unicorn, a myth. So Elon told the audience that they could now go and buy this 'unicorn'. I must admit, I like his style.

Financial results - From 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, from loss to profit in...?

As quick as the Roadster accelerates from standstill, the financial results of Tesla have not been profitable yet since their beginning. Setting up a car company requires vast amounts of money and time to get started, but looking at the pre-orders of the Model S, Elon recently told on Bloomberg that he expects Tesla to be profitable in 2013.

I think it might be even sooner, but who knows. The Model S is not the only income for Tesla, they have quite a few big partnerships with for example Toyota and Daimler to supply the Tesla drive train technology. The Toyota RAV 4EV will feature Tesla technology and the Mercedes A-Class and the Daimler Smart car also sport a nice Tesla battery pack. This invading the vehicles of the 'competition' if you will, will also be profitable to Tesla. Like the old stickers of Pentium, but this time it will be 'Tesla Inside'.

is that Tesla Inside your (next) car?

What's next?

So a lot of development around Tesla lately and a positive outlook for the future. The stopping of Lotus with their Elise is actually a nice opportunity for Tesla, the Model S is Sold out (I always thought that S was for Sedan and not Sold Out) and with the combined income from the Model S and the 'Tesla Inside' activities I think Tesla has proven its right to be here. Especially with such results delivered already, those are just really great cars! Now where is that local unicorn shop...