Electric Vehicle - Tesla to Curb Your Enthusiasm


Having seen the videos of Tesla's Model S launch over the weekend and seening the team in action delivering the first 10 Model S sedans to buyers I can only conclude Tesla as a whole has done an excellent job. Many, if not all, visitors to the delivery who got a chance to take the Model S for a spin were eager to put this car to their personal test and the world famous 'Tesla Grin' was omni present if I look at the videos and all the reviews.


The keys for the Model S (resembling a miniature Model S) being handed to Elon Musk


In all enthusiasm some people got a bit carried away; being able to drive with rocket-like acceleration is not something an astronaut can do everyday, let alone us back here on earth. Tesla noticed this as well and will therefore change two things in future testing event, all to make it more safer for Tesla employees and their clients. It may sound a bit patronizing and I'm sure it will upset a few people, but I can only support these changes: Safety First. There is no point in protecting the environment, but putting the lives of others, or kids at risk.

If you get the chance to visit one of these events, please do so and prepare for the ride of your life! Thank you Tesla!


Inside Tesla - 06.26.12 | Blog | Tesla Motors

1. We had more than a handful of drivers this past weekend who disregarded specific directions from their Tesla co-pilot and created uncomfortable situations for their passengers in the back seat. Model S handled every challenge thrown at it and in every case delivered beyond expectations. However, that does not make this type of driving okay when it could potentially impact others, both in the car and along the test drive route. It is unfortunate that I have to do so, but in all test drive cars going forward, we are limiting the top speed of our cars to 75 miles per hour to insure the safety of our employees, back seat passengers and other drivers on the road. We are not in any way restricting acceleration capabilities of the cars. When all is said and done, this will only impact about two to three percent of test drives, but I’d rather have you upset with me for limiting top speed during test drives, than have me visiting you in the hospital. It’s as simple as that. Thank you for understanding.

2. I know this second change may also make me a bit unpopular, but moving forward, while we welcome children of any age to attend the event with you, we are enforcing a minimum age requirement of 8 years old for children riding along during test drives. The reason for this is very, very specific. The loading and unloading area at the beginning and end of each test drive is very, very active with cars entering and leaving almost every minute throughout the day. I personally attended the event both days this past weekend, and saw three instances where a small child got away from their parents in the loading/unloading area and walked towards other cars. Our staff was able to immediately retrieve them and get them safely back to their parents, but in all three instances, I was personally very concerned. We have all sorts of fun things for younger children to do, and have a dedicated space with a movie playing and coloring books where we will watch your kids for you during your test drive, but only children 8 years and older will be allowed to enter the loading and unloading area during future events. The well being of your family is more important to me than winning your approval on this issue.

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