Electric Vehicle - How to build an electric car 04

Anybody who has been looking at building their own electric vehicle has come across the advertised electric vehicle conversion kits. What are they and why would you bother with one?  

From 0-100 in 4 seconds, or from oil to electricity in one conversion?


When doing a conversion from scratch there are a lot of issues you need to be aware off and take into account with your design, also check out my other posts under thistag, they provide details on the sizings of the motor and the battery. The electric vehicle conversion kits are generally designed with a specific type or model of a car in mind and are tailored made for it.


A conversion kit, it has all the parts you need for a conversion - Link


The advantage is that in the case you happen to have such a car (or can get one in an easy and convenient matter), the kit provides you a one-stop solution to converting the car. The size of the electric motor and the battery have been thought out. There is a small and easy to understand manual with it that describes what to do, including on how to take out the internal combustion engine and the associated parts you no longer need. The parts that are supplied with the package also help installing the electric vehicle parts. It can contain mounting brackets for the electric motor or the battery pack for example. Great stuff to get you started and you no longer have to worry about what to look for and purchase.




Electric vehicle conversion kits are generally designed for one specific type of vehicle (with a few exceptions ofcourse). If you have a vehicle that is ‘like’ a type or model of the vehicle a conversion kit it designed for, you might still want to purchase the conversion kit, or at least consider it. Contact the supplier upfront to be sure that the kit can be fitted to your specific vehicle, but often the engine supplied with the package can do perfectly ok for similar cars of the same weight, etc. You might run into some trouble with mounting the various parts into your soon-to-be electric vehicle, but if you know your tools and like to create the mounting pieces yourself (or know somebody who does), this might still be a viable and cheap solution for you.




Convert your car and become part of this wonderful comunity - Link


Again, as with every step in the conversion process of getting rid of the oil addiction, planning is key. If you know the car model you have or want to drive, you can shop around for a compatible conversion kit. Just hold off the purchase until you are absolutely sure you have a match between the two, both the car and the kit are the most expensive parts in your project so you really don’t want to buy the wrong stuff. Go look around and compare what is out there, in case you have questions, leave a message or comment here.