Electric Vehicle - Dutch Design Week and the Design on Wheels Show


Last weekend I visited the Dutch Design Week and saw the Design on Wheels Show, where some nice electric vehicles were on display. The Dutch Design Week is held in Eindhoven and features anything that is related to design; from design institutions and product manufacturers to schools and universities. A section of it is reserved for the Design on Wheels show, where ATC and Powered by Brabant show some nice electric vehicles to the public, as well as some projects related to electric vehicles. These projects came from companies such as Gemco, but also from students from TU Eindhoven or the HAN.


The design on Wheels Show


Without a doubt the oldest electric vehicle on the show was the Hedag from the Louwman Collection (The Hague). Around 1910 there were 59 of these on the roads in Hamburg. Compared with current technology it goes nowhere near as fast or far, but it was nice to actually see where electric driving has more or less started.

The Hedag


Next up was the Peugeot BB1, a very compact four seater for urban transport. It has some nice details, most of which allow this very compact car to carry four adults on a pure elektrisch drivetrain.

The Peugeot BB1


They said its father is a scooter and its mother is a car. The “driving wheel” of the BB1 is more like what you’d expect on a scooter:

The "wheel" of the BB1


As a driver and the passenger next to you, you both get quite a comfy looking seat, though the other two passengers have to fit in the back on something that looked a lot less comfortable and came from the father (the scooter). Luckily urban transport does not last for hours on end.

The backseat - a small support goes up to the lower back

Right after it came the Renault ZOE EV, a car which has gotten quite a bit of media attention as of late. It is fitted with all sorts of LED lights, for example around the logo. I’m always puzzled why such lights are added, sure they are LED and consume very little power, but is it necessary? A nice looking car it is nonetheless and it even features rear-view camera’s instead of the mirrors, a feature also on the BB1.

The ZOE, notice the lights at the logo - the next step: the iCar?

Next up was the Citroen GQ which is a powerful plug-in hybrid. A nice red car which looks quite sporty, but a concept that needs a bit of work before it can actually hit a street or test-track.

The Citroen GQ

The lights were still missing on this one and the windows were also blinded, so no idea of the interior. A nice looking car from the outside though, will have to wait till they finish up with the rest. A video I found does show the car with head lights and an interior, too bad it was not up on this show like that.