Electric Vehicle Data for the Netherlands - Feb 2013


The latest statistics for the electric vehicle fleet in the Netherlands are in today, now updated up to february. The growth seems a bit less this month, it could be partly the economic situation, partly (very minor role) the few days less in february, or something else? Without further ado:

Figures were provided by Agentschap NL again, personally I'm glad they took out last month's change of attempting to differentiate between the EREV (mainly Opel Ampera) and the PHEV (mainly Plug-In Prius). Differences between the two models can be made, but make for a theoretical discussion that is not really helping and only creates confusion where clarity is preferred.


It is interesting to see also the shift in most popular models, last months Smart has dropped out of the Top 5 now and the Kangoo has made the list now. The Kangoo is a popular EV for transportation and courier services, which happily aligns with the good beneficial subsidies for companies buying/leasing electric vehicles.