Electric Vehicle - Car2Go Uses Three Tree Factors


The latest addition to the Car2Go program, under which 300 electric Smart EDs are driving here in Amsterdam, is an information screen on your dashboard that indicates how environmentally friendly you are driving. It uses three criteria, which are shown by growing trees on the dashboard. From the article I understand the system is also asking you questions and plans are to reward the best drivers with for example free driving minutes. While I am all in favor of promoting good driving habits in order to keep our cities clean and help our environment, I sure hope the drivers won't get the questions while driving. Currently you see a small group of people go to extremes in the art of Hypermiling, by braking late and driving up close behind big trucks. I hope this reward system will not lead to a larger group trying to win a few minutes of free driving by adopting other potentially unsafe behaviour.

In a similar fashion I've experienced first hand in the French Velo'V system (bike sharing in Lyon and other cities as well) where the first half an hour of the bike rental was for free. In order to avoid additional costs, people would sometimes race these bikes to get to the next bike station in the hope of parking it there and avoid the costs.

Of course, this will most likely be a small minority that goes for this, but still I think it is a thing to look into as it can compromise safety. If you have not had the chance to test the Car2Go program, please do so, but drive safe.


“EcoScore” Trees by car2go, Now Available:

Car2go, the car-sharing network that uses smart fortwos announced their newest innovation – an application that evaluates driving style.




The tool called “EcoScore” determines three factors, smooth driving, acceleration and rolling out a point value between 0 and 100. These values or factors that can be checked using a touch-screen display can help car2go clients to know if their driving style can positively or negatively affect the environment.

(Via BenzInsider.com - A Mercedes-Benz Fan Blog)