Electric Vehicle - Always Full(y Charged)


This is what you read far too little on electric vehicles; the point that for the majority of people they are always fully charged when they hit the road again. From statistics we know that 80-90% of the car owners here in the Western World only travel about 40km a day. For the most part, this is just the trip to and from work. At home your car would be for a significant amount of time, but also at your work. Plenty of time for a full charge on a simple "slow"-charger. (Slow as in, not a more expensive fast charger). This is totally unlike a conventional fuel powered car which involves an extra round trip or an extra stop you don't really need, only to get some fuel.  

30 Models of Plug-In Car Chargers Now Available Online via Home Depot : TreeHugger http://www.treehugger.com/cars/30-models-plug-car-chargers-now-available-online-home-depot.html

One of the main benefits of electric cars is that they take advantage of the fact that most vehicles are parked all night and most of the day. This means that if you have a way to charge where you park (at home, at the office, in the parking lot of businesses, etc), you can drive off with a full charge almost all the time. This is a completely different dynamic from gas and diesel vehicles, and it does a lot to mitigate the shorter driving range of EVs

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Most people look at the use of an electric vehicle and think of the restrictions; they can not do their 1000km road trip so easily anymore. That is where the thinking stops, why change you behaviour anyway? The 'Always Full'-argument is hardly considered then, which is a shame.