Drive Train – Tesla Inside?

It appears that Tesla is not only building the popular Tesla Roadster (it is also developping the s model), other car manufacturers would also like to have the drive train expertise of Tesla onboard.

 Recently Mercedes has introduced its A-Class E-Cell, which has the Tesla battery pack onboard. With a 50kW motor and a range of 200km or 125miles.

In the world of delivery Tesla also popped up; FCCC unveiled a new delivery van powered by Tesla technology. The van has a range of about 160km or 100 miles and is ideal for deliveries.

And last but not least, Toyota is also looking at Tesla to ‘revive’ their old RAV4 EV. The original was built between 1997 and 2003, with Tesla technology it will get a huge upgrade and will put Toyota in a leading position for little money.

Perhaps a lesson is to be learnt from Intel in this case for Tesla; the computer chip manufacturer had the famous “Intel Inside” stickers on the casing of computers, which resulted in people getting more familiar with the name Intel than the actual computer manufacturer. People went to the store and asked for an Intel machine. Perhaps if Tesla can play it right, people will ask for a car that has “Tesla Inside”, though I seriously hope that Tesla will also continue to make more of those great cars like the roadster.