Charging – Quick Chargers in the Netherlands


Last week there was big news from The New Motion, announcing that they will setup ten fast chargers for electric vehicles in the Netherlands. This will inspire other companies and interested parties to also setup a fast charging network in the Netherlands and accelerate the introduction and acceptance of going electric.

When fast charging first popped up in the news it was quickly diminished as not good for your battery and it would create grid instability with high fluctuating peak loads, etc. However, a lot of car manufacturers have adopted the fast charge, so they too must think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


One of the companies that has achieved great results with fast charging is Epyon, a Dutch company which has gained a world wide reputation for their fast charging solutions. Together with The New Motion and the funding of DOEN, they will facilitate the first step in the Dutch fast charging network.


The locations of the fast charging stations is not clear yet, but they will be located near places where you can spend up to 30 minutes enjoying a drink of a snack while your car charges again. Think of restaurants, gas stations or large shopping malls. Stretch your legs for a bit, enjoy the coffee and your car gets charged while you wait. This will really open up a lot of opportunities for the electric vehicle market in the Netherlands. The stations will be placed around February 2011, which is around the same date the Nissan Leaf will be introduced in the Netherlands. 

If you want to learn more from these plans, please refer to the sites listed below:

The New Motion