Back to the Future with Siemens and Scania?


Trains have used overhead wiring and pantographs for decades now, how come Siemens and Scania can think to call it 'The Future'? If they really want to focus on building an electrified highway of the future, let them focus on the inductive charged highway instead, they have the technology and would put them on par again with the competition in this field: This is the future: Roosegaarde

Scania and Siemens to develop heavy-duty hybrid vehicles with trolley-assist; enabling the eHighway

Scania has for a long time explored the possibilities of electrifying the powertrain in buses and trucks, while Siemens has developed trolley-assist systems for heavy duty trucks and is selling its SIMINE trolley-assist system for mining trucks to that industry. At EVS26 in Los Angeles in 2012, Siemens described its ‘eHighway of the Future’ concept for the electrification of on-road commercial trucks and select highway lanes via overhead electrified wires.