Austrian 330km Electric Vehicle Endurance


While it is true that Mercedes has been experimenting and playing a lot with various cars and an electric drive train, so far only the Smart ED is available for consumers at the moment. The other more well known electric vehicles in their garage are the A-Class E-Cell, the B-Class F-Cell (which is rumored to also come in a pure EV / E-Cell type) and the eye catcher of many tradeshows, the yellow SLS AMG E-Cell.  


The opportunity to see them all in once place is during this week's Silvretta E-Car Rallye in Austria, where all models are competing in this 3-day race across the mountains. If you happen to live in Austria, go check it out, the finish is tomorrow in the Montafon area.





The three-day rallye through the mountainous landscape of the Montafon area is not a speed contest – instead, the victor will be the driver displaying the greatest degree of uniformity and skill. The overall distance of the course is more than 330 kilometres, around 30 kilometres longer than last year. The sections are also significantly more demanding than before. The task is to negotiate the various sections, including gradients of up to 15.2 percent and height differentials of as much as 4759 metres during a day, with incredible accuracy: the teams are expected to complete a series of trials in exactly the right time, to within a hundredth of a second, with penalties for faster or slower times. And because they are driving silent electric cars with zero local emissions, the competitors will enjoy the added benefits of clear mountain air free of emissions or noise pollution – surely the best possible way to experience the scenic mountain landscape in Austria’s Vorarlberg and Tyrol regions!