8k Electric Vehicles now in the Netherlands


A new update from AgentschapNL with their monthly statistics on our electric vehicle population here in the Netherlands. It has picked up quite some attention thanks to a link put in the New York Times recently, thanks for that! :-)

The new year has shown stability on all fronts, except the EREV and PHEV are still going strong; their tax benefits still apply. Since this month AgentschapNL has split the numbers into separate EREV/PHEV categories and I'm still looking to convert the old data to this new setup; for the moment I've coloured it in yellow to indicate that the split is not the actual data, though the total numbers of both per month do add up to what the number of EREV and PHEV should be for that month. As soon as I have gotten an update for the actual figures, I'll post it here.


These numbers reflect the number of registered vehicles (license plates) here in the Netherlands and do not reflect actual sales. They do provide however a decent insight into the EV market here in the Netherlands.


And a special request I got for a breakdown per model, though only for the top 5 vehicles. This one is for you John:


I'm looking at getting the data for the number of charging stations in a format that makes more sense and allows for a easier side-by-side comparison with the number of EVs.