Despite the Blockchain Hype


All new technologies are surrounded by hype, in a ‘process’ well described as the ‘Gartner Hype Cycle’. For Blockchain, the year 2017 showed massive interest in blockchain technology, drawing a strong parallel with the price of Bitcoin. When in 2018 the prices collapsed, so did most of the hype and interest of many industries.

Despite all that, some players have kept on experimenting and tinkering on their ideas. With the hype come and gone (for some it is coming again), what is the level of interest in blockchain at utilities globally?

“Utilities remain wary of blockchain despite the technology having been touted for energy applications for more than three years, new research finds. In a survey of 15 utilities and one regional transmission organization across North America and Europe, 69 percent saw blockchain as "still emerging." “ - Despite the Hype, Utilities Still Wary of Blockchain

I agree blockchain is not ‘business as usual’ for utilities. They are indeed wary. The interest could have also died along with the hype. But also, despite the recognised hype, there is still a big enough interest in it.