Caution - Innovation and Experiments Ahead

Photo by  Louis Reed  on  Unsplash

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

Saying that blockchain will not happen in your industry because it will not scale, is ignoring a few key things:

  • This technology is still really early on its development track. At this moment, I feel we are barely scratching the surface of what the potential will be.
  • A lot of what we see now as active use cases are translations of the world we know, but then in a more blockchain-like setting. Again, barely scratching the surface.
  • We are still very much in the experimentation phase, even the longest-running app, Bitcoin, started as an ‘experiment’ in 2009 with a nudge of ’this might work’.

“this might work”

Especially Bitcoin reminds me a lot of the Mars Rover that was sent over for 3 months and ultimately lasted several years in that hostile environment. Every day beyond those initial 3 months was uncharted and an experiment in itself. Sure, Bitcoin has seen a fair share of upgrades along the way since the original code since Genesis, but where exactly this will go and how far is an educated guess for some, a hope for many others.


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