EV Statistics for the Netherlands: 8957

The latest numbers from Agentschap NL with regards to the number of electric vehicles is in, had to wait a bit on updating my blog to wrap things up. Last month we achieved a total of 8957 registered electric vehicles in the Netherlands, that includes a significant portion of extended range electric vehicles like the Opel Ampera, but also the plug-in hybrid like the Plug-In Prius.

The biggest contributor remains the EREV/PHEV category, greatly assisted with tax benefits, they make up the largest group of electric vehicles here. 

A total growth to 106.8% in March, better than last February where we saw a drop in the registration numbers.

All in all with these numbers I firmly believe that the 10.000 mark can be achieved within the next 2-3 months, keeping us on par for the goal of 15.000 in 2015.