Subsidizing the Nuclear Business Model


I was amazed by the report from DIW on the economics of the nuclear business model. Having evaluated over 600 existing nuclear power plants, they conclude that any new plant being built will result in an average loss of €4,8bn.

“That nuclear energy has never been economically competitive comes as no surprise as electricity production has always only be a by-product. Military and geo-strategical interests have always come first and this energy source has been massively subsidised” - ‘Nuclear has never been economic and is dangerous’: study

I wonder how many would be willingly subsidize a nuclear plant to make the business case viable. Knowing that all that money could be spend on other options that are going free from subsidy since the past few years.

But the odds get even better:

“We must also consider that in addition to the business calculations we have made, there are also horrendous costs on top that need to be carried by society, for example for the storage of nuclear waste.”

Looking forward to read that report in more detail later this week to dig in.