On being a Product Owner

I have always liked the intersection between business and technology. To me, this is where the magic happens. Great technology that doesn’t sell or does not attract customers is not going to change the world. Ideas that could change the world built on false premises instead of solid physics are not going to fly - far. As far as I know, there are not that many succesfull one-legged chairs. It is always a balance of disciplines to achieve greatness.

"There are not that many succesfull one-legged chairs"

In the scrum domain that is so common in innovation in large corporates and therefore also in blockchain projects, I have always liked the role of being the Product Owner. Being able to understand both sides of the project. Explain a tech concept in an easy to understand form to the business, or the other way around. That is what I like to do. Balancing all the needs is never easy, but is an easy job truly satisfying?

I've filled the role of Product Owner on various projects and am happy to say that I recently got my certification for it as well. I find it a valuable tool in my toolbox. If your project could use some balance, someone who can explain business to tech and tech to business, or just a Product Owner, let me know.