The Least Resistant Road: Fully Digital First

Where will blockchain make the big breakthrough, going mainstream? While blockchain has the potential to change the world and bring world peace (who still believes that, really?) - there are good examples of blockchain applications in almost every industry by now. Still, where most use cases remain in pilots or MVP stage, is where there is a physical component involved.

Sure, there are some excellent examples of blockchain in the energy industry. Big fan here! But there is always some meter involved, which could be tampered with and has to be made good enough.

It is not without reason that in finance blockchain took the initial big strides forward with Bitcoin. There was no physical object involved in the use case. Other than the actual users and the nodes to run the code. The industries that I think will have a huge opportunity to help launch blockchain to a truly mainstream thing are (in no particular order):

  • Finance and banking - the largest piles of ‘cash’ are digital anyway.
  • Gaming - Points, items, access, etc. A fully digital world.
  • Web-based applications like messaging or publishing.

The beauty here is that for the average user, it would probably just become mainstream without the user realising there is blockchain under the hood. As good technology should be.

Do you want to explore the potential for your business or industry?